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'School of Dragons' descends to Android Devices on the Google Play Store

The logo of the hit MMORPG School of Dragons
The logo of the hit MMORPG School of Dragons
Dreamsworks & the JumpStart staff, found at

School of Dragons is a popular mobile MMORPG for children that was created by and launched in July 2013 on FaceBook and set in Dreamworks' hit How to Train your Dragon universe, where it puts the player in the shoes of a dragon trainer, allowing players to grow their pet dragons through quests and fun little mini-games.

Since its launch on IOS mobile devices, the amount of players online and registered have increased several fold, in addition the version for Apple devices has brought in at least 50% of the games revenue.

The game has been spoken of fondly by the CEO of JumpStart David Lord, who says “School of Dragons gives players an experience no other MMORPG can provide — players dive into a massive, live and immersive 3D world fully integrated with the famous How to Train Your Dragon franchise. This game is an extension of everything fans love about the franchise; it gives fans a way to make their interactions with the story and world a lifestyle, not just an average gaming session.”

With the tremendous success thus far of the series, the only next logical move was for the fire-breathing behemoth to move to the medium of Android, which will bring the game series to another whopping 1.9 billion people globally in the Google Play Store, competing against at least fifteen other Android-Exclusive mobile MMORPGS.

The good news is that this app packs a punch, being available for free with the option of inn-app purchases, and has received rave reviews by Mobile Gaming Critics

For more on this subject, feel free to check out the developer's Website

Or download the game in the Google Play Store

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