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School Massacre in Minnesota prevented by police tip

What as set to be a single minded horrific school massacre by 17-year old, John David LaDue of Waseca, Minesota was prevented thanks to police tips by someone who refused to look the other way. On Friday, 2 May, 2014, Ladue was arrested by police after receiving a tip about strange activity that he was planning something diabolic. Supposedly, Ladue had planned to murder his parents and siblings and then set fire to the home as a diversion. Next, he planned to shoot and kill the school resource officer (police officer), along with teachers and students. But that was not the end of his terror because who he would not kill by shooting them, he planned to blow up the school from bombs he had planned to setup at the school. Apparently, Ladue had planned to commit all of this into action within the next couple of weeks.

Reportedly, Ladue was fascinated with the Columbine Massacre of 1999 and studied the behaviors and actions of Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, the two masterminds behind the school shootings. Upon his arrest, Ladue reportedly confessed to the police that he planned to go after not one but two schools; both the Waseca middle school and high school. Apparently, Ladue was also fascinated with many types of guns from semi-automatic pistols to military style machine guns and has confirmed this on his Facebook page. He also confessed that his favorite authors are Stephen King and Edgar Allen Poe and preferred movies and video games that were associated with blood and gore.

The tip came when a private resident noticed on Wednesday that there was a suspicious male at a storage facility. The police discovered bomb making tools, a pressure cooker, chemicals, fire starter materials, steel ball bearings and gunpowder.

There has been no motive reported at this time. In my opinion, the listed charges below seem a bit thin. If he had planned to bomb two schools, one would think that would included # of students / faculty to the Attempted Murder counts.

Charges Includes:

  1. Attempted Murder (4-counts)
  2. Attempted Criminal Property Damage (2-counts)
  3. Possession of an Explosive / Incendiary Device (6-counts)
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