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School lunches taken from kids who couldn't pay then food thrown in garbage

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Parents are ripping over the Salt Lake, Utah public school that took up to 40 of the kid’s lunches out of the kid's hands and tossed them in the garbage. These kids weren’t told they couldn’t get lunch, as they got in line with the rest of their school mates. It was when the kids got to the cashier with their food and it was found they had outstanding balances on their accounts that the cafeteria workers took their trays and dumped them in the garbage, according to on Jan. 30.

The cashier at the Uintah Elementary School didn’t know whose lunch cards were at zero balance until the kids tried to pay. They had to wait until they were ringing up the lunch to take it away from those with no money. This is when they actually dumped all the food on the tray in the garbage if the account balance wasn’t enough to cover the lunch. The law prohibits them from reselling the food once it’s on the kid’s tray.

As you might imagine this did nothing but embarrass the kids, many of whom were absolutely mortified to have this done in front of their peers. This also left up to 40 kids to be in school all day without a rounded lunch to eat. The school did give them fruit, it is reported.

The fact that they tossed the food in the garbage instead of letting the kids eat the lunch has gotten the attention of the nation today. These kids were punished and humiliated because their lunch cards were short on money. One father spoke to Fox News live on Thursday and he said that he had no idea his child’s lunch card didn’t have any money in it, the school usually notifies them.

The school found out after the fact that all the parents might not have been notified. It was an oversight on the school’s part and they apologized. Notified or not notified, why would the school actually throw out this food in what looks like a punishment for something the kids have no control over?