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School Is Out For The Summer!

Unless you have your kids in a summer program or are sending them off to summer camp, you are probably pulling your hair out wonder what you are going to do with all this time together.

Having a schedule or daily routine is so beneficial. When children can predict what happens next, they feel secure and become easier for parents to manage!

It seems like a lot of time to manage, but everyday we wish we had more hours as we teach children the skills that they need to survive as adults, like preparing their own meals, and cleaning up after themselves! Try different recipes.

Take some time daily for reading either a book or something online. Then have your children write a summary, a review, or expand on the idea in a creative way.

Children love crafts of all kinds. You can do this in a practical way like buy new fabric to change out curtains.

Remember that list of things you have to do around the house? Get proactive and include your children in tackling that list.

Reuse things. Go through old boxes in storage and get your children's imaginations running thinking of all the things you can reuse in new ways!

Make Money!! Have your children take the lead in a yard sale and show them entrepreneurship.

Make sure to have fun doing outdoor activities like going to parks, the pool, bike rides, the fair, or the play in the backyard!

Bring your cell phone (of course) and have fun with the apps like stopwatch, compass, and of course social media! Take plenty of pictures and videos for instagram and vine! You can do a lot of creative things with video and photo editing. They love that! See how creative they can be.

Most of all enjoy your time together!

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