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School is out and the kids need an outlet

School has been out for two days and the kids are... being kids. It is time to get them out of the house and engaged in some age appropriate activities. Summer does not have to be a down time for learning. Therefore, lets keep those dendrites in tip-top shape.

The Macomb Public Library has some wonderful events taking place this summer. The Summer Reading Program is free and it encourages children to read through out the summer. Reading does not have to be a chore. Books can be enjoyed by every family member. If picking up a book doesn't seem too appealing, perhaps listening to books on cassette disk will appeal to some.

Why not use your library card to check out some movies. Save a buck or two and watch some wholesome movies as a family.

Adolescents and teens can be tricky when it comes to engaging in family outings. Nevertheless, getting those in this age group involved in outdoor activities can be done with much patience and perseverance. During the summer months, block busters hit the movie screens. Going to the movies can be costly. Therefore, catching the matinee is a cost effective way to stretch those bucks.

Since saving money is important and many people will take advantage of the warmer weather, take the time to clip some coupons as well. Chapmans Bookstore on Adams Street in Macomb has a coupon booklet with some wonderful discounts. Also, Pizza Hut encourages and rewards reading with a personal pan pizza.

To find out more about the Book It Program, please contact your local Pizza Hut. After reading your favorite books, eating a slice of pizza and watching the big block buster at Rialto Theatre, perhaps the family can catch the ninth inning of the Cardinals and Sox game.



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