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School importance

Educate the mind
Educate the mind

In recent weeks, the State of Maryland is trying to balance out some of its budget by cutting back on school funding. Whether this is a positive or negative decision, it is important to ponder the impact education has on society. Education molds a child’s view of the world. School systems determine a child’s development by a grading system so you should focus on getting good grades. Part of the onus is on the student and the parent, but also the school (teachers, counselors, administration, etc.) should be held responsible for the student’s development. Not only is school an important place for intellectual development, but it’s also an important place for social growth. Kids utilize school as a place for finding friends, dating, influences (bad or good), causing trouble and making mistakes, and preparing and developing skills for adulthood.

In elementary school, kids quickly learned which category they fall into: class clown, rebellious trouble maker, outcast, nerd, or a nobody (just to name a few). If you are the jag off who shoots spit balls at the rejects of the class or the four-eyed freak worrying about every word the teacher is saying, these stereotypes follow you through the end of high school. Finding the right balance would certainly help with making your grades better and also enhance your ability to speak to others (especially for you punks that wear Jnco jeans). It is important to understand that school is a great place for personal discovery.

With education being the back bone of young society, it puts a lot of pressure on schools and parents to shape students into functional adults. If the current system is altered, this could cause major development problems for young adults. Learning is the key to success and success justifies learning. To have one of these without the other is simply impossible.