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School Daze part two, choosing to homeschool

With the many issues we have had personally with the current system, we chose an out-of-the-box approach to homeschooling now. (The above link, will take you to that part of this article)

I am not even going to touch the problem of sleep. As most of us know, autistic kids are usually like any moving object they gain momentum throughout the day, so they start of tired and wind up, wound up pretty late. If Noah has to be up and at school before 8 am, on less than 7 hours sleep, it is probably going to continue to be a problem with no patch for the bucket.

Nope, I reject all this.

If I had to summarize it all in a few sentences I am unsure if I can as it’s a complex issue and it has been about years of thought, not just something I just thought about.

I can say this. There are more pros than cons for homeschooling, and there are more cons than pros for keeping him in the school he is in. So it only makes logical sense this way, as to keep doing something that has more cons, would be stupid.

I do believe our school has done the best with what they are capable of doing, and if they haven’t, well they made it look like they did. So I don’t begrudge them, I am not disappointed or are angry. I just get that they have other students besides Noah, but I only have him, so I can tailor my day to his educational needs. I can create lesson plans around topics of interest, and find other things that he doesn’t find so interesting, more interesting because I know what he likes. I know how to reach him. And some of those ways aren’t ways teachers can do, such as Noah’s fondness for curse words. He doesn’t use them outside the home, but he gets a real kick out of the word shit or ass. I know in times of stress, when you need to write a sentence about a cow and he is frustrated to tears and angry. What kind of sentence does mom suggest (that the teacher just couldn’t cause other parents may not appreciate it) “the cow eats grass and shits out his ass.” It stopped his anxiety and upset in seconds. Now we didn’t write it that way, we wrote the cow eats grass and makes feces, since that is the proper word.

But I can have him write sentences about things he likes and knows, using the new vocab words he doesn’t. I have this option. I can cater to his sleep and eating needs, I can give him History, Science, Art, music, computers and gym every day! Not just once every 6 days or half the year. I can have him work for 15-30 minutes at a time, take a break and come back to it. I don’t have to give him homework or make him ride the bus for 1-2 hours a day.

I suppose if Noah suddenly landed in the Land of Normal, and he was suddenly “all better’ or “fixed” then it may be a completely different situation. But since I have been waiting and it doesn’t seem to be coming, and certainly isn’t here. I figure why try to bring him to the land of normal anyway, why not make his land of learning be one that suits him. Why try to change him, instead we should be building on his strengths because that is how it works in the “real world”.

Overall I am thrilled, excited and feel free. Life is short and its moving too fast, I can only make these decisions now, and I choose to spend a life full of enrichment, wonder, that is low in stress and high in quality, that is about love, learning and peace. And that means it has to be our schedules, for what works for us, not just what someone else thinks we should do.

School Daze, part one

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