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School Dayz

Now that we are ending July, all the Back to School commercials are coming out. For some parents, this is a welcome reminder that their children will be out of their hair 8 hours a day and not eating up everything in the house. But for some of us (especially teachers), it's depressing! We're whining along with our kids. Personally, I LOVE spending time with my kids more than anything else I do. Whether I'm working the education system or not, I look forward to their vacation times to give me a break from homework help and stress, and give me extra time for fun with my kids that we can't spend during the school year.

So how do you beat the back-to-school blues?

1. Pretend like it's not 3 weeks away.

2. Pray for time to slow down.

3. Have as much fun as possible every minute of everyday you have left!

4. Last minute mini-vacations!

There are a lot of fun and nearly free activities in this last month of summer. One I'm looking forward to is the Amon Carter Museum's "Art in the Dark" on August 7th from 5:30pm-9:30pm. You can't beat art projects, live music, movies, food trucks, and Curly's Frozen Custard! FREE!

There are workshops for your kiddos with the inclination to be on a stage or screen:

DVA Productions Inc has youth workshops, currently at the Sycamore Recreation Center on Rosedale and Beach in East Fort Worth. The classes are held in sessions year-round, taught by industry professionals, and the fees are on a sliding scale so everyone can afford to go! Generally for ages 9-22. for more info!

My kids and I recently took a mini-vacation to Oklahoma City! You would be surprised how much fun you can pack into 2 days and we spent only $300! That's gas, hotel, food, souvenirs, and lots of fun! Our favorite places to visit:

Oklahoma Science Museum

Oklahoma City Zoo

Andy Alligator's Fun Park (Moore, OK)

Toy & Action Figure Museum (Paul's Valley, OK)

Boom-A-Rang Diner (Paul's Valley OK-right next door to the Action Figure museum! Big portions, small prices!)

Pinktizels in Bricktown (CANDY and vintage toys!)

We tend to stay at a Comfort hotel with an Indoor pool and free hot breakfast (Choice Hotels). They have some great rewards for stays, as does Best Western! Check out their websites for more details.

Fill up before you leave Oklahoma! The gas is WAY cheaper closer to OK City!

And lastly:

5. Count the days til Labor Day weekend and Fall Break!

Enjoy your summer! and Enjoy your kids!

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