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School Days vs Dog Days

Summer is winding down and fall is fast approaching, school will be starting in just a few weeks. This is a difficult time for all in the household. There are school supplies to buy, clothes to buy and of course lunches to plan for; excitement is at a high. Our FFBFs are trying to determine what all the commotion is about. They want to be a part, but don’t understand what is happening. Seeing the packing of supplies (which seem to become more and more each year) our four-legged friend is concerned there is a trip involved and they may be left at home.

Being left at home is common place for most of our pets as children go back to school. However there are some caveats to be considered at this time. First, if once school is in session what will our FFBF do all day? This can be a very destructive time for them if not planned for. We need to consider the day events for our pet, as time left unattended could become a very expensive fix if the new puppy is left to its own devices. Doggy Day Care may be financially out of reach as well; perhaps a Dog Walker is a more accessible resource. Perhaps someone works at a business which will let the young do come to work with the owner or the neighbor can come in to spent a few minutes with our friend until the new alone time wears off.

One thing which should be considered (and which happens frequently) will our pet try to follow the children to school. Even when the school bus is the mode of transportation rather than feet, our pets are very resourceful to this and will follow a school bus when it means they get to go with the young people they are self-appointed protector for. And it is important to realize that the age of the pet may not be a deciding factor, as some pets catch on to following later than others.

Some thoughts regarding the above situation my come to mind, here are some other thoughts, and will provide some ideas for a dog left with time on their paws. . The solution does not need to be an expensive one, just one that works, try . Our pets are lonesome and need structured time, if the thought process has not begun before now, start it now. And enjoy the process it will be more fun than maybe thought.

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