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School choice is not dependent upon legislative action

The conservatives dilemma
The conservatives dilemma
By Randy Pope

The need to address some feedback received on the wildly popular article “Natalie Grant Walks out on Grammys, Sends a Message to Christians” creates an opportunity to cover an important topic. There are tens, maybe hundreds of thousands of Christian parents who recognize the dangers of keeping their children in government schools, but they do not see how they can afford a distinctly Christian education. Many believe that legislative action, forcing tax payers to subsidize Christian education, is the answer to this dilemma. There are, however, other options.

Home education is quite inexpensive option for educating your children. For just a few hundred dollars per year one can purchase a good curriculum, and in many cases that curriculum can be used for younger children over and over again. There are several companies that offer curriculum; FACE, Bob Jones, Rod and Staff, and Abeka just to name a few. Perhaps the home schooling parents reading this article can post it to their social media walls with other suggestions.

There are Christian schools in virtually every community in America. Many of these are quite expensive, that problem will be addressed next. There are some schools that are very reasonable. In the Akron area, Louisville, Hartville, Alliance, Good Shepherd school, housed at the Chapel in Marlboro is one such institution. The yearly tuition cost at Good Shepherd is $2000, and you can get further information about the school by calling (330)935-0623. You can search online for tuition costs at Christian schools in your area.

No matter the cost it is so important that Christian children experience a distinctly Christian education that the church cannot wait for legislative action on school choice. Your church can add a Christian school to its missionary budget. Many grandparents can help their children with the grandkid's tuition. You can personally support a Christian school, or even offer a scholarship.

The fact is “God loves a cheerful giver.” God does not want us to force our neighbor, at the point of a gun, to pay for an education for our children. School choice is not dependent upon legislative action. School choice is dependent upon parents who will investigate the options in their area, upon grandparents who will help their children afford education costs, and upon churches dedicated to a distinctly Christian education.

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