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School bus driver punishes rowdy kids by making them sit in 90F with windows up

Reportedly, in Lebanon, Ohio a soon to be former school bus driver is in hot water over punishing students on his bus who were out of control. In return, the bus driver decided to punish them by pulling over on the side of the road, ordered them to roll up all of their windows and then to sit for an undisclosed time in the hot sun with an outside temperature of 90 degrees. Let us not forget that sitting inside any vehicle in the hot sun with rolled up windows and no air might as well increase the outside temperature 10 fold on the inside. The incident took place Monday afternoon. According to witnesses, the bus driver stated to the kids:

Put up the windows and sit there quietly until your brains have melted.

One of the students, 11, told her mother who later reported the bus driver to the school district and the local police. The Lebanon Police Department and the school district are investigating the incident.

There was no mention of whether the bus driver has been suspended or whether charges have been filed against them.


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