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School board members show their love in marriage counseling


The Denver Public Schools came up with a great idea this week when it provided marriage counseling for its board members at the romantic Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs. The November 30 school board meeting was anything but loving as newly-elected District 2 member Andrea Merida had herself sworn in early to oust outgoing member Michelle Moss. If that did not cause enough histrionics, the meeting got worse as members expressed their irreconcilable differences over charter schools. Hopefully after the December 3 counseling session all board members can kiss and makeup.  

But why stop with elected officials having marriage counseling with their fellow office holders.

Why can't there be marriage counseling between politicians and their constituents?

Marriage should be loving, soft, touching, blissful and satisfying for both partners. The relationship between elected officials and ordinary citizens is strained by taxes, poor public policy and burdensome regulations. Instead of pleasure, it often hurts in places where you would rather not feel pain. Marriage counseling would put tenderness back in the relationship. Candy and flowers beats a Form 1040 anytime.

But not everyone is ready to live happily ever after in the Southwest Denver neighborhoods that Andrea Merida represents on the Denver School Board. There is talk of a recall. Under Colorado law, a petition to recall would have to be circulated and the number of signatures from registered voters would have to equal 25% of the entire vote cast at the last preceding election for all candidates for the position which the incumbent sought to be recalled occupies. For Ms. Merida's seat, 10,854 ballots were cast in the November 3, 2009 election so 2,714 signatures would be required. Also under Colorado law, petitions cannot be circulated until an elected official has held office for at least six months. For all the talk of recall, nothing can happen until May 30, 2010.

That gives Andrea Merida six months to work on her marriage to her Southwest Denver constituents.


  • Andrea Merida 5 years ago

    I want to make sure the record is set straight, and Richard, I'm happy to give you an interview about it. What the previous board tried to do was in violation of state law, and I merely called them on it.

    Check out my blog at andreamerida (dot) com for an explanation into the legalities of what happened.


  • Hector 5 years ago

    You saying we gotta wait 6 months for recall?