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School Activities for Earth Day

Preserve the earth by celebrating Earth Day
Preserve the earth by celebrating Earth Day
Rhonda M. G. Williams

Founded in 1970, Earth Day is the official yearly campaign that helps promote a healthy, prosperous, clean energy economy around the world.  Bringing awareness to individuals, corporations, and governments, Earth Day's mission is to create a global green economy.

Schools and parents can help children make real connections to nature and the earth by recycling, planting trees, using alternative fuels, making homes and buildings more energy efficient.

Many schools have ongoing recycling campaigns throughout the school year.  Classrooms can store recycle bins within the classroom where children can dispose of cans, plastic or glass bottles, and paper.

Planting a tree or growing a vegetable garden is a great way to celebrate Earth Day.  Also, have students collect rain water or gather water from a nearby stream or creek in order to water the newly planted vegetables.  And don't forget to explain the importance of water to all living organisms and why we must keep our water supply clean.

Although students may not be able to implement the use of alternative fuels within the school community, teachers can teach children about solar energy, biodiesal fuels, and hydroelectric energy.  Something as simple as changing to more energy efficient light bulbs can inspire children to respect the earth and their immediate environment.

In addition, students can be taught about the importance of the earth's air and other natural gases in the atmosphere.  Don't forget to discuss wind energy and air pollution.


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