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School 101: Keeping Denver's back-to-school time green


Photo: Business Wire

Denver-area working parents are gearing up to send their kids back to school this year, and many are wondering how to make the pricey school-supplies shopping more affordable while keeping it green. Below are five tips for both: 

1. School bag/backpack: Instead of buying a new one, dress up last year's. Use pins, markers, patches, buttons, and other decorating materials to make it snazzy. 

2. Transportation: Whenever possible, walk or bike with your kids to school instead of driving. It's healthier, cheaper, and great for the air. 

3. Supplies: Be sure to see if last year's supplies are still good. It's silly to throw away money on a wheel that's already created. 

4. Lunch: Buy reusable food containers instead of using plastic baggies. It's a cost and an environment savings. 

5: Duds. Shop at a thrift shop or second-hand store for this year's school clothes. They supply gently or little-used clothes (often big-name brands), great deals, and an alternative to new-clothes creation. 

For more information or additional ideas, see Planet Green™ by Discovery. 


  • Donna, National Education Examiner 5 years ago

    The lunch packing is what really makes a difference. It is so easy to use all those plastic bags, but you can't wash them and ensure there's no swine flu germs. In addition, they are NOT green, and they are expensive.