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Scholz speaks on new album

The Girl You Thought You Knew
The Girl You Thought You Knew
Album Cover. Courtesy of Jorey Blake. Photo by Desiree Stone

Mary Scholz discusses her new album:

W.E. What does it feel like completing the new album, and what is your favorite thing about the album?

M.S. It's a relief! It's exciting and it's nerve wracking! I can't even begin to tell you how much work goes into the creation of a full length album. Switching between my writer, producer, and performer hats had my head spinning quite a bit, but it was worth it to come out with the finished product I had hoped for. It was many long days and nights in the studio, and so much love and dedication from many amazing musicians and artists. I am so grateful for everyone who worked on this project!

The music itself is an extremely personal journey for me. You won't find anything besides raw honesty on this album - struggles with relationships, struggles with my relationship to myself, themes about learning to identify who you are and how you truly feel, and beginning to celebrate in that discovery. It's important to know who you are and to be joyful about it. People like to make others feel bad about their own instincts or feelings sometimes, and it's easy to get lost in that. This album is largely about the transition of finding your way out of that, and finding your way into your truth.

Let's see, my favorite thing about it...? That's hard to say. It's just thrilling to hear what started out as sounds in my head fleshed out and performed in such a big way. The band, the rock, the blues, the percussion, the complexity, the simplicity, the makes me a happy girl!

Musically, we hit a lot of different levels - starting with a bit of a haunting intro, coming full band, rocking out quite a bit, and then dropping down to the most intimate, raw moment possible. I included a recording from right as I wrote the song "Walk Away" - it's just me, my guitar, my iPhone and my living room floor. It's one of the most special moments on the album because it is as stripped down and honest as you can get. We go from one of the most hard hitting songs to one of the more traditional folk/rock, into this completely acoustic moment. I really enjoyed being able to explore all of the sides of music in that way.

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