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Scholz shows hitting the road

Bridges We Burn
Bridges We Burn
Album Cover (single)

Singer-songwriter Mary Scholz is ready to hit the road following the release of her new album The Girl You Thought You Knew. She shares her tour excitement and more in this interview:

W.E. Tell us about the tour!

M.S. I'm so excited to be hitting the road! Three months of shows all over the US - it's going to be a crazy adventure. First show of the tour is in San Diego on March 7th - from there we hit Phoenix, Austin, New Orleans, Orlando, Atlanta, Nashville, DC, West Chester, Philly, NYC, Boston, Cleveland, Chicago, Minneapolis, Kansas City, Denver, Salt Lake, Seattle, Portland and San Francisco. With a couple of other potential additions along the way. Please take a look at the tour schedule on my website to see if we're coming through your town - if not, please send your friends who are nearby! And [people can] always stick around after the show to say hello - I'd love to meet you [all]!

W.E. What was the most surprising part of the recording process?

M.S. Oh, so many surprises along the way! [Scholz smiles]. I could go on about timing or money and so many other things - but I think when it comes down to it, the most wonderful part of the process was, whenever I was struggling to make it happen, the amount of faith people had in both me and the music. The artists who nearly donated (or did donate) their time, fans who donated their money, bosses who made sure I had enough hours to cover my costs but enough flexibility to be in the studio when I needed to be, friends who kept me laughing when I was exhausted...I am lucky to have so many wonderful people in my life, and so many people believing in what I do.

The interview continues.

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