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Schenectady dogs labeled vicious ordered to be turned over to Animal Control

The dogs were ordered to be turned over to the city until a judge decides on their fate.
The dogs were ordered to be turned over to the city until a judge decides on their fate.
Joe Raedle/Getty Images

On Thursday morning, Sean McKearn's two dogs were turned over to Animal City Animal Control in Schenectady, New York, after the dogs were brought back into the city despite a judge's earlier order to move the dogs to a pet resort in a neighboring county reported the

The dogs, Tyson, a French mastiff and Vick, a Staffordshire terrier owned by Sean McKearn, had leaped out of an open window at their home on Dean Street on June 30 and attacked a 25 pound terrier named Templeton. The terrier's owner, Rebecca Cigal, of Niskayuna, tried to get the dogs apart; the two bigger dogs wouldn't let go. When an onlooker was able to separate the dogs, he drove Cigal to the veterinarian hospital. Sadly, Templeton died a few days later as a result of his injuries.

It was learned that McKearn's dogs had been involved in two previous attacks of other dogs and had knocked an older man off his feet as the dogs attacked the other animal.

At the time, both Tyson and Vick were being held at Animal Control when the city began to clamp down on all dogs who attacked other dogs. During court proceedings, it was agreed that the two dogs were to be transferred to a facility in Saratoga County to live out their lives, and would not be allowed to leave the premises.

It is unknown why McKearn's sister allegedly removed the dogs from the assigned kennel facility, but the dogs are once again at Animal Control pending a judge's decision about their fate. Their owner faces two misdemeanor counts of harboring dangerous dogs.

McKearn states he feels terrible about the death of Templeton, and both of his dogs are "gentle giants." There are no reports of the dogs ever having been aggressive to humans. McKearn had his three-year-old son with him on Thursday as police drove away with the dogs.

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