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Schellenbach speaks on songwriting

The interview continues from part one. The new album from Kurt Schellenbach's band (Labor Camp), entitled Thru the Fence, Over the Hill, Under the Radar will be released on Pitiful Records on April 30. Here, Schellenbach discusses the songwriting process and what is next in his plans.

Kurt Schellenbach
Courtesy of Kurt Nishimura. Photo by Richard Bess.

W.E. How did you approach writing songs for this album?

K.S. I’d come up with a riff and we would then structure it into a song. I’d write the lyrics once I had a foundation. Some songs I gave to Buster (original vocalist) because he wanted to write. Now we have Jonathan [Negus] contributing. Jonathan is huge. A great musician. We’re lucky to have him with us.

W.E. What is next?

K.S. Building on what we started. [Thru the Fence, Over the Hill,] Under the Radar for me is a trial run. A way to dial us in. We have some good new material. Lots of ideas for our next recording. Jonathan has made some really great contributions, Neil [Ogasawara] as well. Paul [Kelly] will have a percussion composition on the next release. I’d like them all to put their bits into the mix. I mostly want to "‘rite, record, release." Playing live occasionally. But I love the studio work, building sounds and being creative. The next won’t sound or be like our debut. We hopefully will start recording in July.

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