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Schellenbach speaks on new album

Kurt Schellenbach, punk icon of Nip Drivers fame, took the time to speak in this interview about his new group's new album. The guitarist's new Los Angeles band (called Labor Camp) have entitled their debut album Thru the Fence, Over the Hill, Under the Radar. The album will be released this month.

The band is ready to rock
Photo by Richard Bess. Courtesy of Kurt Nishimura

W.E. What element of the new album are you most excited about?

K.S. I really like the sound we got on this. Raw, garagey tones. Not overly produced or edited. We kept little mistakes in just because. Yet we got a really great production value. We had a few hiccups, but it ended up sounding real strong. Marc Danzeisen is great in that he quickly determines what matters and what to let go. Works fast. Knows his studio and how to capture a band's sound. Personally I loved adding in piano, horns, harp and other instrumentation. All those tools was a first for me, and it’s a great start! We are proud of out first efforts.

W.E. How did the band come together and what is the key to the sound of the band as a whole?

K.S. Neil [Ogasawara], Paul [Kelly] and I were having these jam sessions in my studio. I've been wanting to get a band going, but they were jaded. They’ve both been in bands constantly for over 25 years. The jams were a welcome break from structured rehearsals. I was asked to try out with this MDC+MN project Brandon Cruz was putting together, so I riffed out a few tunes. I quit that after 2 practices, but I like the riffs. I wanted to run in and record the songs for the hell of it, so I asked Paul and Neil if they were interested. Well, we just keep coming up with more tunes, and two songs became ten. After a brief collaboration with another vocalist, Jonathan [Negus] came in and we finished the tracks. I guess we are a band now, but don’t tell Neil or Paul.

The interview continues in part two with a discussion of songwriting and of what is next.

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