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Scheduling date nights


After some time, a relationship can begin to get monotonous. Week in and week out the same old thing; conflicting work schedules, late meetings, working from home, and a number of other obligations seem to take up so much time. A couple might only see each other at bedtime, and by then both of you are too tired to talk much less get it on. With a routine like this, it’s easy to become strangers.

Keeping in touch is obviously important to maintaining a healthy relationship, but how is it possible when the two of you have almost opposite schedules? If it’s practically impossible to actually do something on a whim, schedule a date night. Yes, actually mark the calendar or put it in the blackberry, and reserve a Friday or Saturday evening to dine out. Schedule the date and don’t forget because that would be bad.

Downtown has an array of dining experiences and some fun places to grab drinks after dinner. Remember that this date should be time to enjoy good food and good conversation with fabulous company. Try not to talk about work too much. It’s stressful and this date is about enjoying the company of a special person. Think about some first date conversation topics, do some people watching, or talk about what is in store for after dinner.

Eat up and go out for some drinks afterward. Take the opportunity to loosen up and get a little friendly with each other. Whether it’s an intimate wine bar like Swirll or a cool sports bar like Ten, make sure the experience is fun. Meet some new people and stay out past your bedtime. Take a cab or walk home, order some late night pizza, but before calling it a night, make sure to schedule another date night.

 Make date nights a regular event and soon you will be on the same page in the relationship. Keeping in touch on a regular basis helps maintain healthy relationship communication, promotes mutual interests, and may even create some wonderful memories.