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Schedule Ninja App for Busy People In Your Life

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If you're using a schedule for every day to make sure that things are done and you don't forget any of it, then you may want to pay close attention.

Schedule Ninja is a new app that covers all aspects of anything that you need to remember. From party dates, doctor appointments, phone numbers, birthdays, etc., this little baby will even tell you the directions on how to get where you're going like a GPS!

The app allows you to choose what time zone the appointment is in and alerts you as well. You'll have the option to put in for any training courses that you need or are supposed to attend as much as practice too.

It allows you to create groups for showing and sharing photos. Schedule Ninja is not just for really busy people, it can be used by college students, doctors, parents or anyone that has a hard time remembering things. It helps to keep you on a daily track and to make sure that you can keep up with important dates.

The most unique feature is the GPS like ability to give you directions and helps with giving you a visual map. It also works like an address book!


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