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Scheana Marie on the 'Vanderpump Rules' ladies: 'They drink too much'

Mike Shay and Scheana Marie attend The Junior Hollywood Radio & Television Society's 11th Annual Snow Ball Holiday Partyat Lure on December 4, 2013 in Hollywood, California.
Photo by Araya Diaz/Getty Images

Scheana Marie and the cast of Vanderpump Rules were in Cabo on last night's episode and as expected, there was plenty of tension and drama. However, Scheana didn't let it get her down and was determined to have a nice vacation with her boyfriend Shay and the cast members that she can tolerate.

"As soon as we got there I could tell this was going to be a 'girls on one side' kind of trip, and I'm sorry but they are not a NORMAL group of women," Scheana wrote in her Jan. 6 Bravo blog. "I have several girlfriends I get along with just fine. These girls drink too much, are slightly crazy, and unstable at times. Why would anyone want to spend a vacation with them?"

Since Scheana had been getting along with the group, for the most part, when the trip was initially planned, she arranged to be a part of the trip and even after they had a falling out, she decided that she would still go on the trip to support Stassi on her birthday.

Throughout the trip, little spats continued to break out among the cast, but nothing was more dramatic than Katie and Tom's fight in the streets of Cabo which resulted in Katie getting a beer dumped on her head. But as scandalous as the confrontation was, it came as no shock to Scheana.

"Watching Katie and Schwartz's fight I can't say I'm surprised. Schwartz sticks up for what's right and I love that about him," Scheana explained. "He doesn't just take his girlfriend's side simply because she's his girlfriend. Shay does the same thing if I'm wrong, and I appreciate that."

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