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Scheana Marie is ready for Brandi Glanville to get a "new storyline"

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Scheana Marie has had enough of Brandi Glanville and her non-stop name calling.

“I just feel that it’s so repetitive at this point,” Scheana told Wetpaint Entertainment on March 11. “Everyone has moved on with their lives, including her. She’s a bestselling author, she’s a mother, she has two amazing children — just stop bringing up the past and being upset about it. She needs a new storyline.”

Back in 2006, Scheana was involved in a relationship with Eddie Cibrian, who was married to Brandi at the time (unbeknownst to Scheana), and while eight years have passed since the courtship began, Brandi can't forget it and is constantly bashing Scheana publicly.

“The name-calling — calling me a hooker and a whore on Twitter and the show? Come on dude,” Scheana said. “You’re a mother! Just try for one second to have a little more class. The drunken pictures are bad enough that her kids will be able to Google one day, but you don’t have to keep attacking me verbally on the Internet and on TV. I’m over it.”

Since Brandi's boys are nearing the age where they will have access to the internet, they are bound to be embarrassed by their mother's actions. In addition to her harsh words for Scheana, and others, Brandi is often seen drunk, both on "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" and in public. At one point a few months ago, Brandi was seen with her breast falling out of her dress -- and her lower lady parts exposed as well.

As a mother, Brandi should be more responsible when it comes to what she says and what she does. Does she really want her sons learning to name-call and act like a drunken fool in public? If not, she needs to get herself a new storyline for life, as Scheana pointed out.