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Schaumburg Flyers Senior Superlatives

1B/LF Jeff Dunbar wouldn't hesitate to pull a prank according to his teammates.
1B/LF Jeff Dunbar wouldn't hesitate to pull a prank according to his teammates.

The 2009 Schaumburg Flyers season is quickly coming to a close.

With only a couple weeks left until the post season begins and four teams compete in the Northern League playoffs, I thought it was time that the fans and the inquiring public get to know this team before the season is over.

Now you may think that by skimming through the Flyers program, googling a player's name or spending hours reading my articles that you have a pretty good idea of who is most likely to hit a bomb out of Alexian Field or pitch through the heart of the RedHawks line up relatively unscathed.

I can't deny this statement, but do you know who walks out of the stadium in a Gucci pinstriped suit? Who spends the most time meticulously shaving his beard or does four jumping jacks before each game for good luck?

The confusion and relentless curiosity ends here, so take a look at who got the vote supplied by the Flyers themselves.

First Team Member on the Field

Brian Nelson (Hitting Coach)

DH Felix Jose

Last Team Member to get off the Field

SS Travis Brown

Most Impressive Rookie

RHP Kris Jiggits

"He comes to the older guys, myself included, and asks us about how to approach and set up hitters," said RHP Carmen Pignatiello. "He just wants to learn about pitching."

Best Fastball Pitcher

RHP Kris Jiggits

RHP Jason Richardson

Best Offspeed Pitcher

RHP Dustin Glant (changeup)

RHP Tom Lyons (curveball)

Most Competitive

SS Travis Brown

Most Likely to spend Major League check on a materialistic item

RHP Cephas Howard

RF Victor Ferrante

Most Stylish

C Craig Maddox

LF John Toussas

LHP Carmen Pignatiello

Best Hygiene

RF Victor Ferrante

"He always shaves before the game and makes sure his sideburns are in line," said rookie C Craig Maddox.

LHP Alain Quijano

Best Swing

C Richard Mercado

3B Tony Mansolino

Most Unique Batting Stance

DH Felix Jose

"The stance has an old school way about it," said Maddox. "He doesn't ever swing to hard, but it's different than the younger guys."

Highest Baseball I.Q

C Richard Mercado

DH Felix Jose

Most Likely to challenge Veteran DH Felix Jose to a base running contest and lose

1B/LF Jeff Dunbar

Most Likely to pull a prank

1B/RHP Jeff Dunbar

Most Superstitious

RHP Dustin Glant

"If he wins one game and he wore blue, he has to wear blue the next game," said SS Travis Brown.

Most Likely to outrun small children in a Mascot Chicken costume

RHP Dustin Glant

Biggest Baseball Fan

SS Travis Brown - Die hard Cubs fan

RHP Tom Lyons - Chicago White Sox fan

The whole team

"We are doing this because we love being out here and doing what we love," said Maddox. "It's a whole team effort because if you don't love it, you're not going to be here very long."