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Schaefer Yarn Company closing its doors; owner is retiring

Schaefer Yarn in Heather colorway using the Undualating Waves scarf pattern
Schaefer Yarn in Heather colorway using the Undualating Waves scarf pattern
photo copyright Laura Nixon

Do you love Schaefer Yarns? If you do, now would be the time to get cozy with your local yarn shop and stock up on your favorite colorways and weights. Schaefer Yarns is closing.

Cheryl Schaefer has created handpainted yarns for Schaefer Yarns and named them after powerful and influential women since 1980, but recently she made the knitting world stand on its ear. Cheryl will no longer create those beautiful handpainted colorways.

Ms Schaefer announced today on Facebook that she is retiring at the end of the year.

To all my Valued Customers,

While I intended to tell my reps first, then you, that I am retiring and closing Schaefer Yarn at the end of the year, some kind person has already put it out on Ravelry. So forgive me for not beating her to it.

My feelings, to put it mildly, are mixed. I need to retire but it's very hard, after 33 years, to give up this colorful business. I'll keep my hand in by keeping my outlet shop open 3-4 short days a week but it's time to have time for myself. My lifetime is no longer enough for all the projects I've put aside in favor of Schaefer Yarn.

So, my thanks for the support over the years. It has been a pleasure to dye for you and I do hope you'll remember Schaefer as it fades into the sunset.



Laura Nelkin is one of many lovers of Schaefer Yarns; she spent five years as the Design Director for them, and uses Schaefer Yarns for many of her designs. One of Ms. Nelkin’s many scarf patterns, the beaded Undulating Waves scarf pattern, was knitted with Schaefer Yarns and is a big hit with Ravelry fans.

Cheryl had thought of selling the business, but couldn’t do it and now that she is willing, the economy is not right.

If you live in the Interlaken, N.Y. area, you will be able to purchase her yarns at her outlet shop until the stock is depleted. Contact Schaefer Yarns for more information.


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