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Scents commonly used to keep spirits, ghosts away

During paranormal investigations, spirits are sometimes known to give off a scent. These scents can be related to why they are haunting a location or how the spirit smelled when he or she was still alive. Some common scents related to paranormal activity include rose petals, perfume, musky smells and smoke. Not all entities give off a scent, but when some do, it is their way to communicate with us.

Though many people, especially paranormal enthusiast, welcome spirits in their home, not everyone is so welcoming to have a spirit dwell in their home. Regardless of whether the spirit is evil or not, there are ways to help protect a home, its living inhabitants and help ward off against spirits who choose to haunt a dwelling. Just as spirits can give off a scent, we can use different scents as a means of protection.

Throughout history, the use of incense and oils to ward off spirits has been an effective tool. Let’s take a look at the list of scents used for protection, exorcisms and to keep those spirits away.

  • Aloe spp - guards against evil and accidents
  • Angelica - protection from evil spirits and used in exorcisms
  • Benzoin - used to drive away evil spirits
  • Boneset - wards off evil spirits
  • Caraway - protects against evil spirits
  • Copal - used for protection and is often used during “Day of the Dead” celebrations
  • Fennel - used for protection and to ward off evil spirits
  • Foxglove - used to protect the home
  • Garlic - used for protection and in exorcisms
  • Hazel - used for protection from the dark side
  • Majoriam - when sprinkled around the home it chases away evil spirits
  • Nettle - removes curses and protects from evil
  • Pure salt - used for home defense against demons
  • Sweetgrass - used to clear objects, places and people of possession
  • Vervian - used for protection and in exorcisms by the ancient Romans
  • Violet - used to protect against evil
  • Willow - used to guard against evil and moon magic
  • Wintergreen - used to protect children from evil - place under their pillows at night

If you find yourself needing to get rid of a spirit, give one or more of these scents a try. Just keep in mind that the use of these scents do not guarantee the removal of spirits from a home. They are commonly used by many who have reported they were effective.

Happy Haunting!!

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