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Scary moment for Taylor Swift as male fan rushes stage

Taylor Swift is a global superstar adored by millions, but sometimes that adoration can go a little too far. Such was the case in London on February 1 when a male fan rushed onto the stage during Taylor’s performance. As E!Online reported on February 3, Taylor Swift was in the middle of her opening night at London’s O2 Arena when the man rushed past dancers and up the flight of stairs to Taylor Swift’s singing platform.

A man upsets Taylor Swift's first London "Red Tour" appearance when he rushes the star on stage
Christopher Polk, Getty Images

Though the fan was quite a bit bigger than Taylor Swift, the singer didn’t seem to flinch. Even if her audience was worried or she was surprised to see him there, she treated him as though everything were normal. Still, the man reached to put something in her hand before security caught up to him.

The show proceeded without incident after the man was escorted away and so far, Taylor Swift isn’t talking about what happened. Her Twitter account consists of nothing but praise for Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith who came out to sing with her during the show.

So, what did the man hand to Taylor Swift? A love letter? A marriage proposal? Something more risqué?

If fans are wondering what the man handed to Taylor Swift, they may never know. The man could become part of an investigation or Taylor Swift could simply choose to focus on the positives of her first night in London, but either way, it doesn’t look like the singer is going to talk about it any time soon.

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