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Scary Allegiant Airline in-air incident puts fear of flying into some passengers

Everybody reacts different to incidents in the air. One man on a flight today, September 1, vowed not to fly again and to take the bus. According to an online article published by, an Allegiant Air flight headed to Orlando-Sanford International Airport was forced to make an emergency landing in South Carolina after a pressurization issue caused oxygen masks to drop inside the cabin. Some passengers feared the plane was going to crash.

Allegiant Airline plane in Vegas
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Dominick Clark was on board flight 683 when the incident occurred and according to Click Orlando, said, "I knew something was wrong when my ears started popping and my chest locked up a little bit and the [masks] dropped from the ceiling.” It was actually Clark’s first flight and maybe his last "I'm done with planes I think. I'll take a bus," ClickOrlando reported he said.

Many people are uneasy about flying at any time, but especially when a scare happens in the air. Quite a few passengers, including your LA Travel Diva Examiner, on a Southwest Airlines flight in April 1996 who experienced an emergency crash landing due to a jammed landing gear vowed never to board a plane again. Some, like myself probably did out of necessity, but others maybe not.

Flight 683 was two hours into a trip from Michigan when the pressure issue was encountered around 7:30 p.m. Sunday. The plane landed safely with no injuries reported but still the airline paid for overnight hotels for the passengers and gave them $200 vouchers for future flights. Of course Clark might give his away (if it’s legal to do so). Allegiant Air is a low-cost, no frills Las Vegas-based carrier.

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