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Scarves, Sweaters and the Sleeveless

With so many different weather changes this time of year through out the Central Coast having a scarf is essential, but so is wearing sleeveless or short sleeved tops for many. The days may grow to be into the 70 degree weather, but once the sun sets the temperature tends to grow cold and sometimes even wet.

An easy solution is to carry a scarf as an accessory that might be tied to your hand bag, used as a necklace alternative and/or a fashion statement for your personal style. You are able to wear the scarf along with a short sleeve to sleeveless top to finish a look all while staying very cool in your environment. If you become too hot you are able to remove the scarf to cool down and vice versa. A jacket or cardigan sweater is recommended to be worn after the sun goes down for the evening to keep you at a good temperature as well as keeping you feeling comfortable.

If you visit a warm place in the evening for dinner, a movie or even just to sit on our beautiful beaches here in the central coast you are able to control your temperature depending if you wear the scarf or sweater without taking away from your look in a sleeveless top that you may have found for that special occasion.

All in all, staying comfortable, cute and convertible wear is the way to go this season so you can remain just the right temperature in any situation.

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