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Scarves are in – again. Video shows you how to wear them

Those of the olden days will remember many times when scarves were popular and then they seemed to fade away from the fashion world only to pop up again in the next generation.

In the 1950’s young ladies wore what was called neck scarves – obviously you wore them around your neck.

They were short and you simply tied a knot and wore if off to the side of one of your shoulders. See the photo at top. But take a look at the video to see the new upscale fashion statements you can make with a simple but larger scarf.

Scarves are back in the limelight once again and this video will give you some great ideas on the multiple (25) ways you can tie the same scarf.

So get a large scarf and practice along with the model and you can come up with some interesting ways to accessorize your dress, blouse, shirt or even your business suit.

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