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Scarves, adding color and individuality

Urban Outfitter Bohemian Inspired Scarf 

Exciting news, I popped into Urban Outfitters on Milwaukee Ave in Wicker Park yesterday and stumbled upon an array of scarves, new and old.  They varied in price from 9.99 to 29.99.  They had had flowered, bohemian, plaid, plain, and hobo inspired pieces.  Your sure to find a specific piece that matches your personality.  If you check out the website they also have a variety to choose from, on sale and in the regular merchandise.  They are having a huge sale, MEN an WOMEN, so definitely take a look if your into the urban look.  

Anyways, back to the scarves, I ended up picking one with a garden inspiration.  It has greens, yellows, and pinks, but the best part is that it is bright and has a washed out look at the same time.  It can be used to make an outfit look brighter, but not out of place in the winter and fall seasons.  Yesterday, I put it on with a pair of cut off jean shorts and a plain white tank top, the scarf made the outfit.  Without it, I would have looked like I just threw on anything, the scarf added color and individuality.  

Another great thing about scarves is how you can use them in so many ways.  You can do a circle, a shawl, or just leave them loosely hang. Remember, today scarves aren't just for women, I see men rocking them left and right, so shop around this fall and find a couple scarves that fit your personality or add a piece that is outside your boundaries! But in the end, they are going to spice up your outfits for cheap.    

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