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Scarlett O'Hara's evolving consciousness

Scarlett O'Hara's evolving consciousness
Scarlett O'Hara's evolving consciousness

Margaret Mitchell- “Until you’ve lost your reputation you never realize what a burden it was, or what freedom really is.”

If you want to fire a Southern shot. If there is an archetype its survival. What are the qualities that make some in the panic, and upheaval, the sorrows, hardships and poverty come out on top? Beautiful, spoiled, determined belles of the south and how war changes women.

When you are a deer in the headlights Post traumatic everything has a meaning. Big characters rooted in the geography of the land. Eccentric and supernatural, the abandoned plantation takes on a new meaning. Scarlett O'Hara goes through the same war, its trial and tribulations only to come out the other side a different woman.

The things you cleave People and things no longer have the same meaning, you are transforming your inner and outer worlds. No spiritual tale is complete without the loss of reputation to the ideal larger than the survival of self. Personal transcendence out of your darkest corner and its archetypical meaning is found certainly in Gone with The Wind, but not many people think of Margaret Mitchell’s book to be one of transformation but of the Reconstruction of the South. Same thing isn’t it?

The other side of sexy It takes spirited women to fight such battles and to fall deep down into narrow caverns in search of her own soul. Powerful on a girl is so sexy. A loaded gun of awesome and getting sucker punched, “As God as my witness I’ll never be hungry again.” Losing pounds of pain, the feelings for the sacredness of life used to be an instinct, silently warping reality until crippling skirmishes cause you to step into groundlessness.

The little death She’s not busy being born she’s busy dying. Most belles tend to avoid unnecessary conflict relying on their reputation. The unfamiliar is learning to see the world anew. To restore you to actual reality, the process can be called ‘defamiliarization’ unmediated by the veil of what we think we know.

“The effects of the Civil War on a set of characters” “As well the Carpetbaggers had been run out of Georgia.” The cosmic sweet spot? The percolations of culture and reverence for the soul is an inheritance to be passed on to future generations. Every wave of evolution prepares us for the next. A vehicle of liberation.

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