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Scarlett Johansson bucks trend of anti-Israel celebrities

Scarlett Johansson
Photo by Mike Coppola

Actress Scarlett Johansson is an outspoken liberal Democrat (click here to read about her bizarre speech at the Democratic National Convention in 2012) but recently, she put left-leaning politics aside and stood for an Israeli company, drawing the ire of a number of anti-Israel activists.

According to a report by Benny Avni of The New York Post, Johansson has become the target of criticism from the left because she recently signed on as a spokesperson for Sodastream, the "make your own soda at home" company. A number of left-wing, anti-Israel activists are upset by this, because Sodastream has a factory in the West Bank. Liberal human rights group Oxfam International criticized Johansson for supporting an Israeli company in what they consider Palestinian land. The criticism comes even though Johansson has served as a global ambassador for Oxfam, raising funds for the group and promoting various causes. Johansson, who is Jewish, isn't budging on her stand.

Many of these anti-Israel activists support boycotts of any businesses connected to the Jewish state, and in true liberal fashion, they hurt the very people they claim to support. Sodastream employs hundreds of Palestinians in their Israeli factories, paying them the same as their Jewish co-workers.

According to Avni, a number of celebrities are vocal supporters of the anti-Israel movement and boycott the country, including Vanessa Redgrave and Emma Thompson. Elvis Costello, Annie Lennox, Roger Waters, and Stevie Wonder refuse to perform in Israel. Waters, in particular, routinely bashes Israel and delivers anti-Semitic rants, according to Avni.

A number of musicians, however, do perform in Israel and defy the boycott. They include Justin Timberlake, Justin Bieber, Neil Young, Lady Gaga, Alicia Keys, Madonna and Bob Dylan.


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