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Scarlet Johansson embraces wellness and water as SodaStream's brand ambassador

Wellness begins with water, but drinking plain water day after day can get boring. Sparkling water and natural sodas are an option, but all those bottles and cans add up to an environmental mess, not to mention the cost to your wallet.

That’s where Soda Stream comes in, offering environmentally friendly, do-it-yourself sparkling water and sodas on demand. Just pour in still water or water and soda mix and ten seconds later you’ll have a refreshing bubbly drink.

Soda Stream’s first ever global brand ambassador, Scarlett Johansson agrees. “I've been using the SodaStream products myself and giving them as gifts for many, many years,” said Johansson. “The company's commitment to a healthier body and a healthier planet is a perfect fit for me. I love that the product can be tailored to any lifestyle and palate. The partnership between me and SodaStream is a no brainer. I am beyond thrilled to share my enthusiasm for SodaStream with the world!!”

The brand partnership was announced last Friday, January 10, 2014 at an exclusive media event attended by the actress at the Gramercy Hotel in New York City. Event guests enjoyed SodaStream cocktails and got a special behind-the-scenes glimpse of an upcoming ad featuring the actress.

Watch Johansson in action on behalf of SodaStream on Super Bowl Sunday, February 2, 2014, when the first SodaStream ad featuring the actress premiers.

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