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Scarborough: Tax-and-spend Democrats are out of touch

MSNBC's Morning Joe
MSNBC's Morning Joe

I actually enjoy watching some cable news shows. I like The Rachel Maddow Show. I used to enjoy Countdown with Keith Olbermann before he freaked out and threw away the best opportunity Olbermann will ever have on television — ever.

But there's one show that I just can't bring myself to enjoy.

I've been recording MSNBC's "Morning Joe" for several months now. I turn it on if I want something in the background that could, at times, be informative or perhaps entertaining.

But the entire show is a bunch of middle-aged white guys yucking it up and mugging for the cameras for a couple of hours — and Mika.

Take for instance, Monday's show.

Scarborough got on his soapbox to argue with straw men about deficits, spending and taxes.

"I'm telling you," he said with a very serious look on his face, "Democrats are about to step into a real mess if they're not careful. Nancy Pelosi saying we don't have a spending problem when the federal government is breaking records every year with explosive growth of spending in every category."

Translation, Obama's a wild-eyed spend-crazed lunatic.

"Spending," Scarborough said, "over the past four years has exploded at record rates. And you have liberals running around saying, 'Oh you know what actually Obama is spending less money than any president since Dwight Eisenhower.' Which maybe they can convince themselves of this, just like right-wing radicals convince themselves of all things that have lead them to defeat over the past presidential elections."

I don't travel in the same circles as Scarborough, but I've not heard a liberal say that Obama's spending less money than any president since Dwight Eisenhower.

But if you look at federal outlays for Obama's first four budgets and compare the percentage of increase with the budgets of George W. Bush and Bill Clinton, the numbers don't support Scarborough's statement that Obama's a record spender.

Bush's first budget included $2 trillion in federal expenditures. By 2004, federal outlays increased by 20 percent to $2.4 trillion dollars.

In the last four years of Clinton's tenure, federal spending increased by 11.7 percent. From 1997 to 2000, federal outlays rose just $200 billion from $1.7 trillion to $1.9 trillion.

And now for Obama's record breaking spending spree.

After four years of radical left-wing anti-colonialist Kenyan socialism, federal spending has increased by just 5.5 percent.


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