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Scandals in Obama regime ten times worse than last nine presidents combined

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If Obama were honest as he was in that one interview in which he revealed that he would bankrupt the coal industry and make electricity prices “necessarily skyrocket,” Americans might have opened their eyes and never elected this charlatan. Given the results of his rule that he blames on Republicans this list puts the Obama Doctrine in the open. The Democrat campaign for the 2014 elections to impress their vacuous constituency is; it’s all Republican’s fault because they’re racists.

The scandals of his presidency dwarf those of all presidents’ back to and including Kennedy. Selling guns to Mexican drug dealers and using the IRS as a weapon against his political opponents pale in comparison to the economic destruction of shutting down fossil fuel production, increasing taxes to kill jobs, and betraying Americans abroad with his foreign policy. Had Obama spoken the truth of what his policies would bring, he would have never been elected.

The crimes of his regime begin with the Department of Justice and his top lawman.

Fast & Furious – DoJ Attorney General Holder held in Contempt of Congress for refusing to turn over department correspondence regarding the operation that put hundreds of assault weapons into the hands of Mexican drug dealers.

IRS targeting – Chairwoman Lois Lerner held in Contempt of Congress for refusing to turn over documents detailing how the IRS singled out conservative political action committees to deny tax deferred status, while fast-tracking all liberal entities that were no different.

ObamaCare – Sebelius resigns after spending a billion dollars to develop a website that fails, and millions lose their health insurance Obama vowed they would not. More mandates that will cause more destruction are delayed until after the 2016 presidential election so that Democrats are not held accountable till Obama is out.

Benghazi – When America’s embassy in Libya was attacked, Obama ordered rescue forces to stand down to allow ambassador and staff to be captured by Al-Qaeda to negotiate the release of the blind sheik.

If Obama had made actual promises based on what he has delivered to the American people via his policies he would have said:

  • ObamaCare will double premiums and destroy insurance companies.
  • Over one hundred million people will lose their health insurance to force them into ObamaCare.
  • Will give $1 trillion of taxpayer dollars each year in borrowed funds to his friends on Wall Street.
  • Will force Christian churches and business owners to pay for abortions.
  • Will restrict military members from being Christians or openly praying.
  • Will sell assault weapons to Mexican drug dealers and give them open access across our border.
  • Will use the IRS to punish and steal from Republicans.
  • Will use the NSA to spy on anyone who speaks out against his regime.
  • Will shut down the government to stop Republican opposition to ObamaCare.
  • During the shutdown, will barricade the WWII Memorial to veterans who served and sacrificed for America, while opening the Mall to illegal immigrants to protest America.
  • Will cut energy jobs in coal and oil, closing coal mines and denying drilling rights in the Gulf, while giving billions to foreign countries like Brazil to drill oil in the Gulf to sell to us.
  • Will cut a deal with Al-Qaeda for killing bin Laden to allow them to capture an ambassador to trade for the blind sheikh.
  • Will allow Russia and China to expand into neighboring territories with no more opposition than stern words.

To state that Obama’s regime has been a disaster for the United States would be minimizing a catastrophe. To say that he failed, when in fact he has succeeded in making the country fail, would be a contradiction. When Rush Limbaugh said he hoped Obama would fail everyone knew he meant he hoped Obama would fail to implement his policies successfully because they would harm the nation. Now that he has succeeded and the damage is done, he is blaming Republicans, and only the dimmest of ideologues will believe him.

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