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Scandalous new Kate Middleton photo reveals she forgot to put her panties on

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A shocking new photo of Kate Middleton’s naked buttocks reveals the Duchess of Cambridge forgot to put her panties on a recent royal. The scandalous picture of Kate Middleton’s bare bottom was captured by a photographer as the wind from the propellers of a helicopter which she had just disembarked blew her skirt up, revealing the Duchess wasn’t wearing any underwear. According to a May 28 news report from Fox News, the embarrassing picture of the Duchess of Cambridge was published by a German tabloid.

British media give the scandalous photos a pass

Out of respect for the royal family, British newspapers and magazines refused to publish the pictures, according to the National Post on May 27. However, a bidding war erupted among overseas publications, and the scandalous pictures were sold to the highest bidder for an undisclosed price. The winner was the German tabloid, Bild.

Kate Middleton’s behind compared to Kim Kardashian’s rear end

To add insult to injury, the German tabloid featured Kate Middleton’s bare buttocks in a photo spread which also included the rear ends of reality TV stars Kim and Khloe Kardashian. According to of May 27, Bild’s photo feature was accompanied with a caption which, when translated, read "Khloe, Kim and Kate-- backsides that have moved us these past few days!"

Kate’s repeated wardrobe malfunctions spark “hem weight” debate

This is by no means the first wardrobe malfunction of this type that Kate Middleton has experienced. The Duchess of Cambridge has had similar wardrobe mishaps before. Last month Kate’s dress blew up when she exited a plane during a royal tour of New Zealand. Her dress also blew up during a charity appearance in October 2013. In past incidents, only Kate’s upper thighs were exposed. Since the Duchess wasn’t wearing any panties in the most recent incident which exposed her bare buttocks, it’s a good thing the pictures were taken from behind.

Since there have been other incidents of this type for Kate Middleton, Royalists are wondering why Kate stubbornly refuses to have fabric weights sewn into the hems of her dresses like the Queen. It would keep these embarrassing upskirt wardrobe malfunctions from happening again. It would also be helpful for Kate to wear panties on future royal tours.

No recourse for the Royals this time around

The most notable Kate Middleton photo scandal occurred in 2012 when topless pictures of the Duchess of Cambridge were taken as she and Prince William were vacationing on a private estate in the South of France. The pictures appeared in a French publication which Prince William eventually sued for invasion of privacy and won.

No lawsuits are expected to result from the latest Kate Middleton photo scandal because no invasion of privacy was involved. The revealing pictures of the Duchess were during a public event. No official statement has been issued from Kensington Palace regarding the new Kate Middleton photo scandal thus far. But one can be certain that the royal couple is not pleased.

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