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"Scandal" the shocking and explosive season finale

Scandal finale cast
Scandal finale cast
Facebook / ABC / Scandal

Thursday night's "Scandal" did not fail to entrench the viewers in cliffhangers and drama, but the bomb scene stopped the show. Shockingly many things that were predicted came true. The bomb went off but we do know that Maya is alive and Harrison is missing. We have cliffhangers about Rowan who seems to know all the scandalous detail. According to Yahoo TV there were bombs of every kind delivered, including the bombshell news of key characters.

Olivia is also a bomb survivor, although she is struggling with the realization that if she were to die, the scandals would die too. Oliva has decided to quit Olivia Pope & Associates. Olivia announced her decision to Jake: “It’s me, I’m the scandal! And the best way to handle a scandal is to shut it down." Well, that may not always be the truth in real life, but in TV drama the characters can be forgiven for not thinking things through all the way. Rumors and embarrassing moments do have a way of living on, as everyone knows.

Tonight, the season finale of "Scandal" could be considered an unqualified success! According to Facebook posts on Thursday, fans were wishing that the show was a two hour finale and that more episodes were available. the show tonight may have delivered the same punch in one hour as a two hour finale would delivered. It seems that fans can't get enough of the scandalous storylines.

According to People on Thursday, the cliff hangers will tease fans into desperation over the summer months. Fans tonight will be tweeting updates using the hashtag #ScandalFinale, and although Twitter did not fail under the weight of the tweets, fans tried to make "Scandal" the most tweeted about show in recent history.

Tonight after the season finale, Jimmy Kimmel hosted an after party. The after party aired at 11:35 p.m. on ABC. The party invites and participants were urged to have red wine and a defibrillator ready as the intense action and suspense of the season finale affects viewers heart rate. Did you have to use your heart revivor ready to go?

In finale episode 318 "The Price of Free and Fair Elections," election Day arrived and the bomb may be the only thing to change the course of history. The bomb left an aftermath of dead and missing people. The questions will remain until the return of "Scandal" this fall, leaving fans wanting more of this show.

Additional news about "Scandal" includes interviews with Kerry Washington (Olivia Pope), who hid a pregnancy throughout the season's episodes. Wednesday's E! report gave the scoop on how Kerry Washington's acting was affected by hiding the growing baby bump during the season. We know that Olivia Pope was safe from the physical bomb that exploded tonight, but what will happen next season if she quits the firm? It will be a long summer for many fans.

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