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'Scandal' spoilers: Sally scrambles, Mellie plans on episode 3x11

Fitz and Olivia are back as season 3 of 'Scandal' continues
Fitz and Olivia are back as season 3 of 'Scandal' continues
Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images for CDG

Scandal” is finally back for the second half of season 3 and fans are thrilled. What “Scandal” spoilers are available for Thursday's big episode? TVLine shared a few tidbits on Feb. 27 that fans won't want to miss.

Thursday's “Scandal” episode 3x11 is titled “Ride, Sally, Ride” and viewers will see just what comes next after Sally killed her husband. TVLine teases that Sally will make a “shocking announcement,” while Olivia is in the midst of “a challenging new role.”

A big “Scandal” spoiler sneak peek shows that David believes Sally murdered her husband, and he's trying to get James to help him uncover the information he needs to prove it. Olivia's mother is in D.C., but she's not filling Liv in on that right away.

As for Quinn, she's out of Olivia Pope & Associates for now, but of course there's more ahead on that note. TV Guide shares that things will be strained between Olivia and Huck over this, and fans can't wait to see what comes next for Charlie and Quinn.

Another “Scandal” spoiler preview shows Liv meeting Mellie in a restaurant for lunch, apparently to talk about how Liv will be helping the team get Fitz re-elected. Mellie is a determined woman, and Liv is clearly struggling to play along to Mellie's satisfaction. Other teasers have indicatd that despite killing her husband, Sally plans to keep reaching for the Oval Office for herself, which most would presume must be her big announcement.

Though the second half of “Scandal” season 3 has been shortened due to Kerry Washington's real-life pregnancy, fans are excited to watch the episodes they do get. “Scandal” airs Thursday nights on ABC.

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