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'Scandal' spoilers: Finale for season 3 is 'completely unhinged at the end'

What happens to Cyrus and Olivia in the season 3 'Scandal' finale?
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

What can fans expect from the “Scandal” season 3 finale airing Thursday night? Viewers are dying for “Scandal” spoilers, but of course the cast and showrunners are keeping all of the juiciest details under wraps. There are a few tidbits out, however, and People shared the latest on Thursday.

Jeff Perry, who plays Cyrus Beene, shares that Thursday night's season 3 “Scandal” finale takes place just 48 hours before the presidential election. At this point, Fitz is down a handful of points below both Sam Reston and Sally Langston in the polls. Sally leads the field, but as viewers know she is also at a church that is about to be blown up. Cyrus knows about the bomb, but he has chosen not to warn anybody.

“Scandal” spoilers from the previews indicate that the bomb does indeed go off. From the sounds of things though, that's not even the most explosive aspect to Thursday night's episode. George Newbern, who plays Charlie, talked with Zap2It and had a few other teasers. Charlie and Quinn will split over Huck, but it isn't pretty. Fans of Newbern, however, shouldn't necessarily say their final goodbyes to this character yet as it sounds like he will still be around.

Newbern also teased that while multiple storylines get tied up in the season 3 “Scandal” finale, the show “is completely unhinged at the end.” Other teasers have indicated that the election results will shift more than once during Thursday's show. The final results seemingly will be revealed right in the last moment. So far every cast member doing media has indicated that Thursday's show is truly shocking, a big claim given how shocking the show is just in an ordinary week.

Does Fitz win or lose? Given the teasers about how explosive and shocking the finale is one could lean toward wondering if he may lose. However, where would the show had from here if that is the case? ”Scandal” season 4 is already in the works, and it would be hard to imagine that Fitz and Mellie wouldn't still be in charge. While there will surely be big cliffhangers involved, fans will get answers to some things on Thursday night. The season 3 “Scandal” finale airs Thursday, April 17 on ABC.

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