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'Scandal' season 3 finale spoilers roundup: Cast reveals big shocker for fans

Kerry Washington
Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

Scandal” fans are sure of one thing on Thursday night and that is the show is going to be epic. The cast of the show has been talking to the fans about the season finale entitled “The Price of Free and Fair Elections,” but when it comes to details of what to expect, their lips are tight. Perhaps the cast doesn't want to ruin the surprise. Or maybe they don’t know. Either way, this episode has the promise to be shocking. According to Zap2It on Tuesday, when Scott Foley stopped by "The View," he told the hosts he didn't even know what to expect.

"I don't know and I can't tell you," said Scott Foley when asked about details of “Scandal” for the season finale. He did share that there was a big surprise waiting for the viewers.

He isn't alone when it comes to offering few details. The New York Daily News is reporting on Thursday that Joe Morton, who plays Rowan Pope on the series, also didn't give very many details about the season finale. He only offered that the table reading for the final episode was over the top. Fans who have heard some of the previews with ABC suggesting that there is an explosion are excited, Morton hinted that there will be an even bigger shocker for the viewers.

The “Scandal” episode “The Price of Free and Fair Elections” is set around election day. The time has arrived to make a mark in office and nothing is off limits as the candidates try to capture votes. Meanwhile, Olivia tries to understand Maya’s motives and Charlie makes a very surprising move.

Only a few clips of the “Scandal” season finale available as the secret for the show is closely guarded and the longest clip is from People Magazine. While there is always reason to wonder what might derail the story, the fans get a chance to see how a simple envelope with a dangerous secret inside can change the course of one of the characters and it appears it will cause plenty of heartbreak too.

The season finale of ABC’s “Scandal” is on Thursday at p.m. ET.

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