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'Scandal' season 3 episode 18 spoilers: A bomb goes off on finale

Jeff Perry
Photo by Valerie Macon/Getty Images

Fans of "Scandal" were shocked last night when they saw how it all went down at the end. It appeared that a bomb was going to go off which would end up killing the Vice President. On April 10, The Hollywood Reporter shared big spoilers about this finale and how it will all come to an end for season three.

The finale will be season three episode 18 and is called "The Price of Free and Fair Election." The previews have already spoiled the fact that the bomb will go off. It also shows that Liv's father will be taken to the hospital after he was shot during the last episode. Andrew was there as well so it looks like Millie might be mourning the death of her new lover.

Sally Langston is supposed to be there when the bomb goes off. Cyrus actually made the choice to not call it off knowing that the Vice President would be there. If she does end up being there, the loss of Sally could change everything for Fitz when it comes to the big Presidential election. Cyrus was also able to make sure that Fitz was not there when the bomb happened and of course saved his life.

Wet Paint shared the preview for this finale. You see a clip of the bomb going off. After that happens, Liv and Fitz both appear shocked that it actually happened and now they will have to deal with the aftermath. One other clip from the finale shows Harrison with a gun to his head and fans hope that he finds a way to make it out of that situation.

Don't miss the season three finale of "Scandal." It will air on ABC on April 17. This show has not been officially renewed for season four yet, but there is no reason you shouldn't expect it to be coming back.

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