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'Scandal' preview offers spoilers: Olivia and Mellie have a lunch date

Kerry Washington
Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for DGA

New spoilers are out for "Scandal" and there is a very weird lunch date coming up for Olivia and Mellie. On Feb. 3, E! Online shared a preview for the show for when it returns for the rest of season three.

In this clip, it is obvious that Mellie invited Olivia to lunch and she has no idea why. She comes in and asks what is going on and of course Mellie decides to make light of it teasing they are there to braid each other's hair. She even mentions they are there to talk about boys which is probably the closest to the truth.

Mellie knows that her husband Fitz feels like Olivia is his true love and she can't even compare. Maybe she is going to talk to her about how she is aware she doesn't hold her husband's heart anymore. Someone is also outside taking pictures of them so these will be in the press.

Don't miss the return of "Scandal" when it happens on February 27.

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