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We Don't Touch the First Ladies
We Don't Touch the First Ladies
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The smash hit drama ‘Scandal’ is so popular that it has inspired someone to create a crisis-leadership game called “Scandalytes.” The game is expected to be available for purchase by spring and priced at around $40.

The next episode of ‘Scandal’ entitled ‘We Don’t Touch the First Ladies’ is slated to air Thursday, March 6 on ABC. Synopsis: Fitz is forced to face a harsh reality as old feelings and jealousies are stirred. Quinn tries to prove herself and Sally has a meeting with an old friend.

After the highly octane fuel season 3 premiere last week, viewers can expect to re-buckle those seatbelts. If these lines aren’t any indication of how people keep their enemies close…
"What are we doing here?" Olivia asks
"We're sharing a meal, being gal pals, braiding each other's hair, talking about boys," Mellie responds. "I'm making a respectable woman out of you Olivia."

Oh, what a tangled web we weave…

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