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Scandal Finale: The Best Dating Advice from Papa Pope AKA Joe Morton

Tonight’s the night. It’s the Scandal Finale of Season 3 and Gladiators cannot be more excited. As season 3 of Scandal comes to a close, this is a great opportunity to take some dating advice from the best of the best characters of Scandal.

What are your thoughts on season 3 of Scandal?
Photo by Frederick M. Brown

Who should you take some dating wisdom from? The answer: No other than Papa Pope ( Rowan Pope), actor Joe Morton.

What can Gladiators on the dating scene learn from Papa Pope/ Rowan Pope? The answer is plenty.

Here is a list of the top 5 dating tips you can learn from Papa Pope ( Olivia Pope, hope you’re listening):

  1. “ You have to be twice as good as them to get half of what they have.” As a black woman in a crazy dating world, I know I always have to be just as good to end up marrying a good man, a man of good character. This advice came in the premiere of Season 3 of Scandal and boy was it a superb scene by Joe Morton. You always have to show your best when dating and take care of you first so a man always knows how to respect and care for you. Otherwise, you’ll end up in an emotionally abusive relationship in a world already hard enough for women battling sexism, misogynoir and disregard for our beliefs and feelings simply because we have vaginas ( ridiculous, I know). We also learn from this scene that emotional abuse should always be unacceptable, no matter how much people say they love us, we don’t have to put up with second or last place. Let him make you a priority.
  2. Love is not about bringing on the pain. In no shape or form being cruel to someone you love is a way to protect or prepare them for the world. Papa Pope has always been an emotionally abusive parent and it has done nothing but leave his daughter, Olivia Pope in shambles. When you see a woman confused about love, encourage her to believe she’s deserving of love. The simple belief goes a long way to finding real love.
  3. An absent lover is an abusive lover. Anytime you’re in a relationship where you feel you’re stepping on egg shells or glass,you are in an abusive relationship.
  4. Don’t be ashamed of your sexuality. You were born to be a sexual being. Embrace it.
  5. Flex your dating power by honing in on your feminine energy. Men are attracted to feminine energy and fall weak for it. Use that to your advantage to keep the love going strong.

For more pointers from Papa Pope/ Joe Morton watch this Essence Magazine video interview. Great dating advice on the video!

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