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'Scandal' finale sneak peek: A divisive final moment is teased

Fans of "Scandal" have one episode left of this season, and the biggest moments of the season will come during "Scandal" episode 3x18 titled "The Price of Free and Fair Election." On April 15, The Official Scandal ABC Facebook shared a sneak peek released for the episode. The sneak peek features Katie Lowes and George Newbern.

What is in the envelope Quinn receives from Charlie?
Photo by Valerie Macon/Getty Images

During the clip, Quinn is watching Charlie pack up. He knows about her and Huck. It isn't revealed how he found out, but he knows. He isn't happy about it either. As he gets ready to leave, he hands her an envelope for Huck. He says it contains everything he has ever wanted, but he doesn't tell her what it is inside. She says she won't open it, but he makes it clear it is a game-changer. Could the envelope contain information about Huck's family? That would be a huge twist, and it would keep Quinn and Huck apart.

There will be more to the finale than Quinn and Huck though. A bomb will go off during the episode, and both Scott Foley and Kerry Washington teased a big moment for the end of the episode to The Hollywood Reporter. The moment will cause 'Twitter to explode.' Last season, fans found out Command was Olivia's dad. This season, the final moment will divide fans. Some will be happy, and some will hate it. Washington even teased that the final moment is something she 'could not have imagined' weeks before.

Does this mean Olivia will choose Jake? The comments do tease at that. Her choosing Jake would be a game-changer. Olivia and Fitz have been the couple to watch. Fans have rooted for them since day one, but Jake has worked his way in, and Olivia does have feelings for him. The last episode made that clear. Is she supposed to end up with Fitz in the end? That has appeared to be the plan, but the road there could get twisted along the way.

What do you think? Will the final moment between Jake and Olivia together? Or will some other huge event happen that fans haven't thought of yet?

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