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'Scandal' actor Columbus Short fired following violence allegations from wife

Columbus Short
Photo by Valerie Macon

Scandal” is one of the biggest shows on television. The Season 3 finale aired just last week and there were plenty of questions left hanging in the balance. One of them focused on what would happen to Harrison Wright. According to an April 25 report from TMZ, Columbus Short was fired from “Scandal,” which means that Harrison Wright will have died during the finale. Fans are both shocked and disappointed to hear the news.

ABC struck gold when “Scandal” began airing three years ago. The show is going strong and the fan base is holding tight. With Season 4 set to begin this fall, it looks like things are going to vary a bit from the written scripts. The writers will have to figure out how to go on without Columbus Short on the set. Luckily he was involved in a cliffhanger finale for Season 3.

Columbus Short has been in the spotlight recently regarding his personal life. His wife publicly spoke about a threatening encounter she had with Short where he said he would kill her and himself with a knife. That incident drew negative publicity to “Scandal” as well as Short. This is not the first time he has been accused of being violent, which is why his career has abruptly come to an end with the Harrison Wright character.

There are pending charges against Columbus Short with at least two cases. Short was unable to comment on the circumstances because his lawyer had advised him against it. “Scandal” was good to him for three years but sadly that has come to an end. Fans are disappointed that Harrison Wright will mostly likely be killed off and never be heard from again. Currently there is no set premiere date for Season 4, but it will be back sometime this fall. Fans wish Short the best and hope that he will overcome the issues he is currently dealing with.

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