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'Scandal' 3x17 sneak peek: Cyrus gives Fitz a pep talk

Fitz has only six days left to the election. Will he survive that long?
Fitz has only six days left to the election. Will he survive that long?
Photo by National TV Examiner: Video screen cap

Olivia made a move on "Scandal" that might put Fitz in danger once again. Her mother is after him, and a bomb will be in play on the next episode. On April 4, Spoilers Guide shared a sneak peek for "Scandal" episode 3x17 titled "Flesh and Blood." Jeff Perry, Bellamy Young, and Tony Goldwyn are the focus of this clip.

On the last episode, Olivia set a plan in motion to take down B613, but her plan might backfire because it has Fitz the focus of a bomb attack by her mother. This clip reveals that Fitz knows about this new danger. Cyrus is busy trying to make plans for increased security. Mellie is drinking, and Fitz is panicking.

Cyrus does try to give Fitz a pep talk during this clip, but it appears to do more harm than good. This clip also reveals that there are only six days left until the election. This makes sense because there is only one episode following this one to air. "Scandal" had its season shortened due to Kerry Washington's pregnancy.

What do you think? Will the bomb go off this week? Will Fitz survive election day? Fans will need to keep tuning in to find out.

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