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Scam Artists get Woman to Buy Wooden iPad for $180

The wooden iPad that was in the Fedex Box
The wooden iPad that was in the Fedex Box

In South Carolina, a 22 year old woman was approached by 2 men in a McDonalds parking lot at 10:00 pm. They told her that they had several iPads that they got for a great price. They were selling them...out of their trunk. They offered her one for $300. She told them that she only had $180 on her, so they agreed to give her one at that price.

They gave her a FedEx box. She went home with her McDonald's and "iPad". When she opened the box all she found was a piece of wood painted (badly) to look like an iPad.

She described one of the men as having a gold tooth. They were driving a white Chevy Impala with no rims.

Wow. Just wow. Now, maybe it is just because I grew up on the south side of Chicago, but really? I will not judge. However, I am going to give the moral of this story. There are a couple actually:

  1. Do not buy anything from anyone in the parking lot of McDonalds... especially if he has a gold tooth.
  2. If you do give in and let #1 slip past you, look in the box, verify what is in there and that it works before you pass over any money.
  3. You might want to do #2 before you even tell them how much cash you have. Because you know, they could just taken it!



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