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'Scalped' in development for TV Series inspired by Leonard Peltier

New TV series in development
New TV series in development
Cheap Graphic Novels

The WGN cable TV network is developing a new TV series based on the graphic novel called, “Scalped.” There were 60 novels written (2007-2012) by Jason Aaron & Illustrations by R.M. Guera. Doug Jung will executive produce & write the script.

The internet has been abuzz about which Native American actors would be chosen for a movie version or in this case a TV show. Graham Greene, Eddie Spears & Irene Bedard have been suggested. Litefoot looks like the lead character in “Scalped” named, Dashiell “Dash” Bad Horse.

According to the Hollywood Reporter who got the exclusive story on “Scalped.” - “The series focused on the Oglala Lakota inhabitants in the fictional Prairie Rose Indian Reservation in South Dakota as they grapple with organized crime, poverty, drug and alcohol addiction and local politics while trying to preserve their cultural identity. The plot was partially inspired by Native American activist Leonard Peltier, who was arrested for gunning down two FBI agents on a reservation in 1975.”

The official website of “Cheap Graphic Novels” describes the first book like this. - “Fifteen years ago, Dashiell "Dash" Bad Horse ran away from a life of abject poverty and utter hopelessness on the Prairie Rose Indian Reservation searching for something better. Now he's come back home armed with nothing but a set of nunchucs, a hell-bent-for-leather attitude and one dark secret, to find nothing much has changed on 'The Rez' - short of a glimmering new casino, and a once-proud people overcome by drugs and organized crime. Is he here to set things right or just get a piece of the action?”

You can visit the website of “Cheap Graphic Novels” to buy 10 of the Jason Aaron books. Check it out below.

  • Scalped” Volume 1: “Indian Country”

  • “Scalped” Volume 2: Casino Boogie”

  • “Scalped” Volume 3: “Dead Mothers”

  • Scalped” Volume 4: “The Gravel in Your Guts”

  • “Scalped” Volume 5: “High Lonesome”

  • “Scalped” Volume 6: “The Gnawing”

  • Scalped” Volume 7: “Rez Blues”

  • “Scalped” Volume 8: “You Gotta Sin to get Saved”

  • “Scalped” Volume 9: “Knuckle Up”

  • Scalped” Volume 10: “10 Trails”

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